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Know Your Numbers

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Identify the 50% of deposit relationships that don't add even $1 to profits.  Then find and fix them to grow profits and shareholder value.

Plug Profit Leaks

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Customer profitability info lets you grow and capture all relevant fees without putting deposit base at risk.  Sleep easy while building income.

Stop Flying Blind

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Aggregate metrics fool you into rewarding the wrong customer behaviors.  You need customer profitability insights to get it right.

Smart Marketing

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Stop flushing marketing spend down the drain.  Use instrument level, transaction detail data to target and acquire the right new accounts.

deposit profitability analytics


Easily calculate instrument level, transaction based profitability.  Know which accounts make money, and which do not.  You gather in the extra profits while we quietly do the statistical heavy lifting.


Segment and score deposit relationships.  Empower your front line staff to intelligently manage price concession and fee waiver requests starting “Day 1”.  Making better decisions means you make more profit.


Pinpoint profitable cross-sell opportunities. Don't use "shotgun marketing" when you can precisely target.  One of your customer subgroups is ripe for the picking. Do you know who they are?


Turn behavioral data into smart marketing profiles.  Don’t waste money adding more of the wrong accounts.  Add more with “best of” characteristics that match your proven winners.


Quantify channel demand.  Gain comprehensive insights into how your customers are using your existing channels.  Track usage, preferences and trends.

Our Services

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 Deposit Profitability Analytics

If you've been trying to build profitable deposit market share without instrument specific, transaction detail profitability metrics, you've just been flushing dollars down the drain.

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Frustrated with the biggest change in loss accounting in 40 years? Let us help you navigate the CECL minefield quickly and easily with our high-value solution.

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Deposit Study

Bank-specific assumptions are the single biggest factor driving your bank's interest rate risk profile.  Get a proven, statistically significant deposit study to document your bank's IRR inputs.

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Interest Rate Risk Consulting

Sometimes you just need an experienced hand to help guide your bank through challenging circumstances.  Don't hesitate to reach out to see how quickly and easily we can help you.

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