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    Interest Rate Risk Fuel

    Why You Should Early Adopt CECL

    Strategic CECL Approach

    CECL Migration

    CECL and the Overachiever

    Probability of Default (PD)

    Quick Guide to CECL Selection

    CECL: What Next?

    CECL and Procyclicality

    CECL Impact on Lending

    FASB Clarifies CECL

    How to Calculate CECL

    CECL Loss Rate Periods

    CECL Q Factors

    Expect CECL Reserves to Increase

    CECL and Peer Data

    CECL Vintage Method

    Community Financial Institutions and CECL

    CECL: Aggregate or Loan Level?

    CECL vs. Incurred Loss

    CECL: Can we trust our regulators?

    CECL Adjustments

    Consider Simple CECL

    The Basics of CECL

    What's the Problem with CECL?

    3 parts of deposit profitability

    Don’t listen to the naysayers

    Apples to apples deposit comparisons

    Two sides to the 80/20 story

    Sir Isaac Newton and deposit profitability

    Unprofitable deposit accounts

    Your deposit quality never gets better

    Why you don’t have deposit profitability

    Compliance: police or attorney?

    Individualize at scale

    A picture is worth a thousand words

    What next?

    Stop treating everyone the same

    New accounts don’t add promised profits

    Don’t mistake balances for profits

    Airlines and banking

    Proof of concept

    Manage profits with account types

    Deposit profitability is customer profitability

    The profit/balance tradeoff

    Fair is not the same

    What if banks didn’t take deposits?

    Balances or profits?

    Aggregate or instrument-specific?

    The point of customer profitability

    By the numbers vs rules of thumb

    80/20 bank profitability

    Why we get deposits wrong

    It’s not hard to make a profit

    Calculating deposit profitability is easy

    Price is a profit multiplier

    Your bank and Netflix?

    In trouble with the Board?

    You don’t want deposits

    Let your core system pay you!

    Don’t let the fear of math keep you from growing profits

    The biggest lie in banking

    Why you should reject “Big Data"

    4x profits from your best accounts?

    The best way to grow deposits and profits

    Your riskiest customers

    Structural cure for deposit profitability?

    How to grow wallet share

    Small balances mean small profits

    The common denominator

    Bankers are driving blindfolded

    Leverage prospecting with demographics?

    Adding new accounts?

    Why growing inhouse profit demands deposit profitability

    Why profit enhancement requires deposit profitability

    Deposit profitability: What’s stopping you?

    Why deposits are the key to customer profitability

    The 4 levels of deposit profitability

    Segment to get your deposit profit target

    Top 3 ways to grow bank profits via deposit profitability (without raising fees)

    Dual role of deposits

    How to steal from a bank

    What’s missing in your marketing?

    Your best customers

    Behavior drives profitability

    Stop equating balances with profits

    Deposit profitability and demographics

    Deposit profitability: What’s next?

    The deposit profitability foundation

    Baking is like banking

    Is your bank “All You Can Eat”?

    Half of your deposit accounts are unprofitable

    Irony behind deposit profitability segments?

    Deposit looks can be deceiving

    Deposit quality vs quantity

    Banking certainty

    The cost component of deposit profitability

    Your most profitable customer isn’t necessarily your best customer

    Most bankers get analytics wrong

    Don’t market for new accounts

    Evaluating wholesale funding

    The critical deposit profitability decision

    The community banking advantage

    A deposit profitability mystery

    Account types: Less is more

    Deposit Profitability Stats

    Remember when banking was simpler?

    The easiest way to change your deposit profit profile

    Account types drive deposit profitability

    A different way to look at your deposits

    The deposit profitability silent majority

    Deposit profitability: How to get started?

    Pin the tail on the donkey…The banking version

    The banking relay

    Deposit profitability isn’t for everyone

    Deposit profitability and rate hikes

    Rate hikes are good for profits

    Top 5 ways to increase your (deposit) profits

    Do you know what ordinary deposit profitability looks like?

    The contrary nature of deposit profitability

    Deposits are getting a lot of attention

    It’s ironic that banking has fallen behind

    Why don’t banks do a better job evaluating deposit profitability?

    The most common deposit profitability lie

    Not convinced about deposit profitability?

    You were right all along

    How to segment deposit accounts

    Similar accounts can have different profitability

    Common deposit profitability misconceptions

    Why implement deposit profitability now?

    Simple steps to deposit profitability

    2 ways you can improve deposit profitability

    You can’t judge a book by its cover

    How to use deposit profitability segmentation

    The deposit profitability formula

    Time for a checkup?

    Deposit profitability is easy

    How deposit profitability improves your marketing

    Do you want to dominate your deposit market?

    My best deposit profitability advice

    Deposit profitability calculations are just the start

    Deposit profitability is the missing link in marketing analytics

    How to set your deposit profitability target

    The real reason behind deposit profitability

    You can’t just compete on NIM anymore

    What good deposit profitability looks like

    Worried about running off deposits if you impose fees?

    Deposit profitability is not about raising deposit fees

    Deposit profitability can grow your noninterest revenues

    Why big balances sometimes lead to small (nonexistent?) profits

    Branch and product deposit profitability

    How deposit profitability helps you manage branch and product performance

    Your ideal customers fit your way of banking

    How customers react to deposit profitability

    How deposit profitability helps you improve your customer relationships

    What height has to do with banking

    Deposit profitability is not a question of volume

    Do you believe some deposits are more profitable than others?

    Back to the future with deposit profitability?

    Why some of your biggest depositors are some of your worst customers

    Simplify your deposit account types

    How to increase cross sells via deposit profitability

    Deposit Profitability: Aggregates vs Instrument-Specific

    Why your worst performing depositors are your best profit opportunity

    How to calculate deposit profitability

    Segmentation guides easy strategic choices

    Do you have a deposit profitability target?

    Branch transformation and deposit profitability are intertwined

    Want to grow your bank?

    Does deposit profitability disrupt lending relationships?

    Raddon reports sticky deposits

    Adding no fee deposit accounts does not make sense.

    Making decisions based on account balances is a bad idea.

    Why bother with segmentation?

    Segment by performance not demographics

    Can deposit profitability help you reach your ambitious profit growth targets?

    Cell phones, airlines and deposit profitability

    If you could choose your depositors which would you pick?

    How do you balance deposit growth with deposit profitability?

    All deposits are not created equal

    Do you know the biggest profit opportunity within your bank?

    What can the tortoise and the hare teach us about banking?

    Fixing unprofitable accounts…

    Don’t fall for banking propaganda

    Where deposit profitability fits in your data analytics context

    Bankers: Are you familiar with selective attention?

    What would it mean to bring another 7 figures in annual profit to the bottom line?

    Simple data insights pay huge deposit profitability dividends

    Want to know the biggest secret to #DepositProfitability success?

    What can eggs teach us about banking?

    Imagine going out to a special dinner at your very favorite fine dining restaurant...

    Enhancing customer experience

    When you don’t make a decision about implementing deposit profitability...

    Simple steps to deposit profitability success…

    6 steps to successful bank deposit profit growth

    People say free checking is dead…

    You’re making bad deposit profitability decisions…

    Every customer is a great customer…

    Do you know the difference before and after deposit profitability?

    Why a popular branch strategy will likely make your branches even less profitable…

    A quick deposit profitability segmentation lesson

    Pick your deposit profitability strategy

    What would it mean to add $3mm in annual recurring profit at your bank?

    Aggregate vs instrument specific deposit profitability?

    Build revenue or cut costs? How do you know which approach is right?

    Dynamic pricing and deposit profitability

    Are you relying on luck?

    Are you flushing your new account marketing budget down the drain?

    How would you know if your deposits were profitable?

    Do you know the biggest cost of not having #DepositProfitability nailed down at your bank?

    Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

    Which would you rather have…?

    When you get right down to it, there are only 2 ways to shift your deposit profit profile:

    Account balances: Bigger is NOT always better…

    We all have unprofitable deposit clients.

    Are you focused on treating your bank’s symptoms…?

    Do you let the dumbest banker in your market set your prices?

    Bankers are like wholesalers…

    3 simple steps to make deposit profitability happen…

    Trick question: How many customers does it take to earn all of your profit?

    You can’t manage deposit profitability…

    Why does deposit profitability work?

    Why it’s not the CFO’s fault…

    You think you have a marketing problem…

    You know what’s worse than missing your targets?

    Did you eat ice cream this weekend?

    Ever wish you had a crystal ball for depositor behavior? You already do…

    Find your biggest deposit profitability opportunity…

    How to get Deposit Profitability “buy in” at your bank…

    Want “good news” about implementing Deposit Profitability?

    Do you want to improve branch profitability? Or maybe account type or product line profitability?

    Looking to grow bank profits?

    How can you lose money when you don’t pay interest?

    Sometimes size doesn’t matter…

    Stop adding new deposit accounts…

    Two guys walk into your bank…

    Deposit Profitability…Fast movers and slow movers

    Depositors are like children…

    Why #DataAnalytics is a loser in #Banking…

    Deposit profitability myths and misconceptions…

    Why “twin” accounts can have very different deposit profitability…

    Are you running a bank or a charity?

    2% of average collected balances drive 50% of your deposit handling costs.

    Run your bank like a casino?

    You don’t have #depositprofitability at your bank…

    Do you know the “secret” to deposit profitability…?

    Deposit accounts are like snowflakes…

    Why adding new accounts won’t solve your #bankprofit woes…

    What if I told you exactly how to calculate deposit profitability?

    Let me tell you a story…

    Why is Customer Profitability Always About the Customer…?

    Half of Your Deposits are Unprofitable…

    Deposit Profitability: Two Minute Tips

    Deposit Profitability Calculator

    Top 3 (or 4) Big Deposit Profitability Surprises

    How Deposit Profitability Pays Day 1 Dividends

    Deposit Profitability Segments

    Deposit Profits Are Leaking Out of Your Bank

    What Bruce Lee Kung Fu Movies Taught Me About Deposit Profitability

    The ABCs of Deposit Profitability

    How Would You Know If You Were Paying Too Much For Deposits?

    12% of Your Depositors are Responsible for 80% of Your Deposit Profits

    Deposit Profitability:  You Can't Fix It If You Don't Know That It's Broken

    Do Your Bank Profits Rely on Luck?

    How to Choose the Right Deposit Study for your Community Bank

    Storm Warning: FDICIA 305 No Longer a "Safe Harbor"

    5 Step Regulatory Recipe for Deposit Average Life...Plus the One Thing You Must NOT Do

    3 Reasons Your Interest Rate Risk Results Aren't What You Want

    Bank EVE Blame Game: Can 89% of Bankers Be Wrong?

    3 Reasons Bank Examiners Hate Your Best IRR Strategy

    Popular IRR Models Rely on NMDA Method Declared Insufficient By FDIC...Does Yours?

    Why Your Regulator Wants a Deposit Study and How You Know

    How We Reduce Reported EVE Risk Up To 30%... (or More!)

    Get Better Deposit Study Results With Less Data

    3 Steps to Time Bucket Your Deposit Average Life

    7 Steps to Deposit Study Success

    Path to the Community Bank Executive Suite

    FDIC Issues Community Bank Regulatory Update

    Fed President: Tailor Community Bank Regulation to Risks

    Calculating Non Maturity Deposit Account Average Life

    3 Deposit Study Secrets: What If You Don't Have Data?

    Bank Regulatory Trends in MRBA

    Why Your Community Bank Needs a Deposit Study...And How to Get One

    Attracting Low Cost NMDA Deposits

    NonMaturity Deposit Decay Rate, Beta and Economic Value of Equity

    OCC Calls Out Community Banks on Economic Value of Equity Risk

    OCC Reiterates Community Bank Interest Rate Risk Concerns

    FDIC Questions Non-Maturity Deposit Stability

    FDIC Sounds Interest Rate Warning on Long Duration Securities

    Bank Strategic Plan: Free Training

    Bank Strategic Planning SMART Goals

    Bank Strategic Plan Concepts: Competitive Advantage

    3 Building Blocks of a Bank Strategic Plan

    SWOT for Banks

    Bank Strategic Plan Infographic

    What Single Change Disrupts Interest Rate Risk Sensitivities?

    How to Model Non-Maturity Deposits?

    S&P Downgrade Gets It Wrong; Bank Regulators Get It Right

    Swiss Bank Regulators Handle Too Big to Fail

    Non-Maturity Deposit Asset Liability Modeling Tradeoffs

    Bank Regulators and Unintended Consequences

    Banks Overpay on Deposit Pricing

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