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    Bankers: Are you familiar with selective attention?

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    Blindfolded senior businessman trying to catch dollar bills banknotes flying in the air on gray wall background. Financial corporate success or crisis challenge concept.jpegBankers: Are you familiar with selective attention? Take this quick 1 minute test and see….



    So, how did you do? This Harvard research found that half the people who counted the number of passes totally missed the gorilla. In fact, this particular study is so famous that it’s now referred to simply as…

    …The Invisible Gorilla.

    But there’s another “invisible gorilla” you need to consider. It’s when you mindlessly count the number of deposit accounts totally missing the fact that half are unprofitable…

    …Now that’s an Invisible Gorilla…Half of your deposit accounts not adding even a single dollar to your profits…

    …All because you fail to count the actual cost of your deposits.

    Experience shows most banks are leaving $1million+ of annual profits on the table (15bps to 30bps+).

    This profit is rightfully yours, and you are allowing it to leak out of your bank. But you can recover it.

    All it takes is a fresh perspective allowing you to take a new look at your deposit accounts and transactions.

    It’s a shift from aggregate measures to instrument-specific views.

    It’s called #DepositProfitability and it’s the probably the single biggest profit boost you can realistically pick up this year…

    …If you’re willing to stare down the gorilla.

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    Howard Lothrop

    Written by Howard Lothrop

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