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    Segmentation guides easy strategic choices

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    Apple in a paper cutter.jpegSegmentation guides easy strategic choices...

    ...When you use deposit profitability in your segmentation. Here’s how this played out with a client recently.

    They were interested in understanding the differences between their Q3 (low balance but profitable) and Q1 (low balance unprofitable) accounts. Here’s what we found:

    Q3 had average collected balances (ACB) of about $2700 and earned about $32 in monthly profit.

    Q1 had ACB of almost $2100 but lost $10 a month, leading to a $42 monthly profit gap between these 2 small balance segments. You couldn’t tell the difference by looking at the accounts, and you certainly couldn’t understand why without segmentation analysis.

    Turns out the Q3 winners earned about $32 more in monthly revenue (mainly fees and interchange) but also had a delivery cost advantage (fewer transactions, less expensive channels) of about $10 every month.

    The winning prescription here was to increase Q1 revenue while cutting costs. Impose a monthly fee that allows the depositor to “earn out “or reduce some of the fee based on transaction volume/channel used.

    One quick point…Only the segment experiencing the profit shortfall is targeted for fee increases. Everyone else is already delivering profit to the bottom line. #DepositProfitability doesn’t penalize them.

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    Howard Lothrop

    Written by Howard Lothrop

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